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Kaleidoscope Consulting International (KCI) provides specialised SCI Vocational Rehabilitation expertise to established & emerging vocational rehabilitation professionals, service providers, funders, supporting organisations, insurance & rehabilitationists  internationally, through:



‘I have no hesitation in recommending Arron and Kaleidoscope Consulting International in facilitation or training sessions in other spinal units or corporate settings’      Victorian Spinal Cord Injury Program

‘So nice to hear someone speak so passionately about Vocational Rehabilitation, and able to articulate it in a way that also intrigues, educates and inspires others’

‘Arron draws from personal and professional experiences and observations as well as empirical data to demonstrate depth and understanding of the (SCI Vocational Rehabilitation) material he presents’

‘I found the content and presentation style of all the 6 sessions of great relevance and your presentation style excellent and very engaging, a skill not many people have’.

‘Participants in the training were from a wide range of professional backgrounds, and not just within the health field. Arron held and captivated educators, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, peer support workers, and leisure specialists alike with all participants feeding back that Arron was highly engaging and enthusiastic. His approach was inclusive and perceptive whilst remaining highly professional’


Contact Kaleidoscope Consultation International at:

         Ben Lucas benl@burwood.org.nz


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