Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Handbook

Back on Track, a unique patient handbook developed by the New Zealand Spinal Trust and the Burwood Spinal Unit. The handbook is designed to be used as the ‘Course Curriculum’ for patients in their early rehabilitation phase as well as for their carers, families and friends.



  “BACK ON TRACK” Interactive CD-ROM 

The ‘Back on Track’ handbook is now available as an interactive CD-ROM. Like the handbook the CD-ROM is presented in an easy to understand format. There is no medical jargon or confusing terms and it includes great graphics, animations & video clips of current and past patients with SCI. There is also a quiz to test your knowledge.

The CD-ROM can be used with just voice commands if necessary and no training of the voice recognition software is required by the user.

Professor A Clarke Introduction:     


SCI Book

Spinal Cord Injuries: Psychological, Social, and Vocational Rehabilitation  By Roberta B. Trieschmann


By Charles Gobelet, Franco Franchignoni

By Charles Gobelet, Franco Franchignoni






NZ  Funding Search Tool




 I Guide to Living With  Spinal Cord Injury 


 Online details of skills and job descriptions for thousands of jobs


What Colour is Your Parachute? (2009)


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